EV Initiative Investors & Entrepreneurs

Enabling the next generation

Limited-time investment opportunity for accredited investors only! 

EVII Venture II, LLC.⚡🏢

EV Initiative Infrastructure’s corporate co-owned location with all of the ongoing operations conducted by EV Initiative Infrastructure’s corporate team. Investors collect dividends in perpetuity. 80% equity ownership (common shares).

Don't Want to Invest but Want to

Become a Charge Port Operator

Let's get it!!🚗🚗⚡⚡🚀🚀

Priced to grow with you.

White-labeled Full-stack OCPP 1.6J Charging Management System (CMS)

Customized to your brand. You're in complete control of your charging network.

  • Set the price and bill drivers
  • Connect your bank account and earn revenue when drivers charge
  • Connect project partners to your CMS and automate payments and billing
  • Detailed reporting (revenue, kWh, drivers, etc.)
  • Control access
  • There are too many features to list them all!
  • Literally everything you need to power your charging network! It is the same CMS that EV Initiative uses to power our growing EV charging network. But customized for you. 

White-label Your EV Driver Point of Sale "App-less Driver-app"

Customized to your brand!

  • "App-less" experience starts with the scan of a QR code or by visiting your custom domain (example: app.evinitiative.com)
  • Easy scan and start process
  • Simple registration process with Google (Apple Pay is coming soon)
  • Drivers can save favorite locations and add vehicle information
  • Drivers earn points and rewards (coming soon)